Чемпионат мира по футболу 2018 года

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Russia can impress the whole world with its beauty and the venues that it constructs for international events. FIFA has already visited all the cities and all the stadiums that will host The World Cup. So where will the football paradise be held in 2018?

Upcoming FIFA World Cup will be played in the most beautiful cities of the European part of Russia. The initial list of cities had 16 positions but as a result of discussions, estimations and checks only 11 cities will present the country.


The capital of Russia doesn’t need exclamatory advertisement – it is charming with all its historical places and impressive with new business districts. The city is lively, international and ready to offer a wide range of attractions and places to visit.

Luzhniki Arena

Reconstructed historical stadium will host the final of the Cup. It has enough space for 81000 people. The first game on this newly built stadium was in November between National Russian Team and Argentina.

Spartak Stadium

The home of Spartak team, this stadium has the capacity of 45360 people. It will host the opening game of the FIFA World Cup. It was given the highest fourth category by FIFA.

Saint Petersburg

‘The cultural capital’ of Russia cannot leave any visitor indifferent. With its usually grey and dull sky and Dostoevsky-like sceneries it manages to steal your heart. In this city you can enjoy the history of the great country – the center was built by Peter I and it has this splendid imperial scent and atmosphere.

Saint Petersburg Stadium

A home of Zenith football team has had a long history of construction that finished in 2017. The venue has seats for 68,134 people. The stadium has pullout construction that helps to keep the grass in unpleasant weather conditions of the city.


The capital of Winter Olympics 2014 has already proven its status of a high-standard city that is open for international guests. Winter villages are as charming in summer time as they are during winter. The nature blossoms, the warm sea welcomes the visitors and the city shows what ‘Russian sea resort’ is.

Fisht Olympic Stadium

Famous Russian stadium that hosted Olympic Games was reconstructed to welcome football matches. Originally it was closed venue because it was used in winter, but for FIFA the roof was made open. The stadium will give places to 40000 people.


Being separated from Russia by Europe the city has the character and atmosphere that are close to its neighbors. Walking around the city you will hardly feel the Russian spirit – the architecture there is German with a lot of fortresses and castle-like buildings. But the people with their hospitality and kindness represent Russian culture.

Kaliningrad Stadium

The stadium is specially built for the event and can host 35212 viewers. It has a modern CCTV system, high level of security and state-of-the-art two-tier construction.


The capital of Tatarstan is a unique place for Russia as it manages to incorporate two cultures and two religions. Mosques face the churches and cathedrals and people value both elements of history of the city. Being traditional in the center – with the Kremlin, churches and Tatar attractions – Kazan is one of the fastest growing cities of Russia. Its modern buildings are no worse than the old ones.

Kazan Arena

Rubin home, this stadium was built in 2013 for the Universiade. It proved its high quality in that time and hosted 45,379 people. The key point of the venue is the biggest outside screen in Europe.


Being practically on the edge of Europe and Asia this city is becoming one of the most rapidly developing. It has great economics due to industrial places, but its cultural life is developing at the same pace. Among the places that are worth visiting in the city is Yeltsin Center – an interactive museum that will tell and show the tourists how Russians lived in the 90s.

Central Stadium

The stadium is 60 years old but in 2014 it faced the immense reconstruction and renovation. Today it can provide places for 35,696 people. It is the stadium of the 3rd category which means that it cannot host the finals.


Being one of the most dramatic places of the Second World War the city has its dignity and monumental spirit. The tourists should definitely visit the statue ‘The Motherland Calls’ which is two times higher than American Statue of Liberty. The view on the longest river in Europe – Volga – is extremely impressive as well.

Volgograd Arena

The stadium is located near Mamav Kurgan memorial on the bank of Volga. It will host 45000 during the FIFA World Cup. The stadium looks very compact because it should not ruin the historical site of the city.


Situated close to Volgograd the city stands on the same Volga River and welcomes its guests with warm mild climate and a great infrastructure. It hosted European Summit of 2007 and proved to be not only hospitable but also ready for big international events.

Cosmos Arena

A new stadium will give places to 44,918 viewers. It has two layers, grass field with artificial heating and automatic watering system. The venue will host 1/8 and ¼ of the Cup.

Nizhny Novgorod

The city is the closest to Moscow venue of the Cup, located 400 km away from the capital. It has a great tsar history that is still visible in architecture. Novgorod has its own Kremlin that dates back to the 14th century.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

The newly built venue will host 44,899 people. It will be the place of group games, 1/8 and 1/4. Specially for the event the underground station was made near the location, so the transportation for the viewers will be comfortable.


Russian port with hot climate is one more harbor of the FIFA Cup. It is Kazak capital and as all southern regions is significant for its hospitality and warmth. It has a lot of green spaces and parks as well as architecture that dates back to 18th century.

Rostov Arena

The stadium has the capacity of 45000 seats and it was built specially for the event on the bank of Don River. It will host the group games and 1/8.


The name of this city will be probably new to the visitors of the Cup. It is the capital city of the Republic of Mordovia and in the past it was the southern frontier of Russia. The city has traditional architecture, a lot of churches and cathedrals.

Mordovia Arena

44442 will see the matches at the newly built venue. It has bright panel design and natural grass field. During FIFA 2017 it will host only group games.